Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tupperware Catalog: Campaign 5/2011 (1 July - 6 August 2011)

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focus: aidilfitri

the pre-order cake gift set is now available! u didn't order earlier? no problem, we still have extra sets for you! contact me now! also available: kurma set at 25% discount with purchase-with-purchase: 4 units of elegant small square at 30% discount!

salam aidilfitri one touch set at 25% discount and tall canister at 20% discount!

the all-time favourite legacy floria serving set is now at 20% discount! (with PWP legacy floria bread server at 30% discount)
(4 units of carribean mugs with seals at super duper low price! contact me!)

25% discount for the all-time favourite water dispenser! hurry! great for your raya open house! 
limited release: 7 litre canister at 40% discount!

B2B Slice n Stor at super duper low price! contact me now!

2 units of Handy Cool at super duper low price! contact me!

The Rice Dispenser comes with a free gift: Wash n Strain 2L

Great Promotion: TupperChef Wok
Retail RM459
After 15% discount: RM390.20 with free apron (while stocks last)