Saturday, 20 July 2013

Jubilee 2013

Jubilee 201 @ Sunway Convention Centre

Yes U Can
Our teammates
Our lunch
Cooking Demo with Inspire Cookware
congratulations to my downline: Noorlida & Fazli for achieving the Rainbow Award
our chinese set dinner
enjoying our dinner!
rezeki anak
proud of u guys. u deserve it!
receiving the gold bracelet
congratulations to the azwa & the other honda city winners!
kak ayu & the other honda cr-v winners
congrats to kak ayu & en zaiman for winning the honda cr-v!

launching of new eco bottle bag with strap
wanna join this exciting experience? come and be in our team now!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Registration Package Promotion 5/2013

Registration Package A: Raya Cake Set Package
RM210 only
Registration + Raya Cake Set (4) + Exclusive Gift

Registration Package B: Maxi Canister Package
RM203 only
Registration + Maxi Canister (4) + Exclusive Gift

Registration Package C: Blossom Package
RM255 only
Registration + Blossom Microwaveable Serveware + Blossom Bowls & Plates + Exclusive Gift

Registration Package D: Rice Dispenser Package
RM 285 only
Registration + Green Rice Dispenser + Water N Strain + Exclusive Gift

Registration Package E: Inspire Cookware Package
RM 1937.50 only
Registration + Inspire Cookware + U-Series Knives Set + Asian Meals Set + Exclusive Gift

Registration Package F: Treasure Box Package
RM 280 only
Registration + Treasure Box + Exclusive Gift