Monday, 17 March 2014

E-Leaflet 17-31 March 2014: Water Storage Solutions

Nano Nature Water Filtration System: save RM490

Buy 2 Tall Canister 10l and save more!

Water Dispenser 14.5L at RM137.60 (contact us to get more discount!)

Water Wonder All 10L with free gifts!

Back to School Tumbler Duo wih 15% discount!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Registration Package 2/2014

until 31 March 2014 or while stocks last!

Vent Smart Package
RM 223!
Total worth: RM385
Save RM162 (42%)
(while stocks last)

Rectangular Water Day Package
RM 186!
Total worth: RM283.90
Save RM97.90 (34%)
(while stocks last)

Violetta Water Day Package
RM 195!
Total worth: RM296.20
Save RM101.20 (34%)
(while stocks last)

Rice Dispenser Package
RM 254!
Total worth: RM424.20
Save RM170.20 (40%)
(while stocks last)

Green Rice Dispenser Package
RM 254!
Total worth: RM423
Save RM169.00 (40%)
(while stocks last)

Lavender Allegra Package
RM 185!
Total worth: RM292.70
Save RM107.70 (37%)
(while stocks last)

Prosperity Fortune Package
RM 200!
Total worth: RM350
Save RM150 (43%)
(while stocks last)

Treasure Box Package
RM 280!
Total worth: RM473. save RM193.90 (41%)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tupperware Leaftet 2/2014: 10 - 31 March 2014

Happy 49th Anniversary to Tupperware Brands! Sempena anniversary, ada special promotion to all Tupperware lovers!

Pertama kali dalam sejarah: Rice Dispenser turun harga!! Only RM246 (contact us to buy at price lower than RM199!)
Nano Nature Water Filtration System at special price RM2260 only (RM1695 member price)

Round Keeper
Double Deep & Small Goody Box set with Cariolier
Handy Cool

Microwaveable Round Servers
Window Canisters Set
Ezy slicer

Modular Crisper with grid
Fresh N Cool
TupperClean All Purpose Cleaner Twin Pack
Elegancia Bowl
Mickey & Daisy One Touch Topper
Lime Dreams Melamine Plates