Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tupperware Flyer: Balik Kampung Special! 29 Jul - 24 Aug 2013

 Limited Edition Rush & Speed Eco Bottle with stylo pouch!
Get both of them and 2 midgets will be yours at only RM1!

 Apricot Cleansing Foam at 10 and 20% discount
Magix Lip Color at 10% discount
Loving Gift Set at 25% discount
Multipurpose Shears at 15% discount

 Semua ini bernilai RM308, tapi anda boleh beli pada harga RM146.25 sahaja!

 Large Crystal Clear Bowl, Buy 1 Free 1
Outdoor Dining Tumbler Set and Fresh-N-Cool at 30% discount!
Zen Medium Square at 20% discount with free Round Keeper

 Exclusive Purchase Disney One Touch for every purchase of RM190!



    bolehkah saya beli set ini lagi, saya sudah send email kepada kamu, thanks and hope to hear frm you .

  2. Hi Chiousan, yes boleh. Cozy Nest promotion dilanjutkan. Saya dah reply your email. Tq.