Monday, 2 November 2015

Mini Catalogue 1-22 November 2015

Contact us now for lower price! ;-) 

Party Keepers Buy 4 Free 2

Flower Fairy Flask

Turbo Chopper Set

Eco Bottle 310ml with Soft Toy

Inspire Fryer at 20% discount
Kitchen Buddies at 15% discount
Small Round Saver at 25% discount

Tupperware Can Opener

Elegancia Cake Server at 25% discount
Serving Centre at 20% discount
Snack N All at 20% discount
Twinkle Training Set with Happy Ladybug Pillow Towel

Micro Mugs at 20% discount
That's A Bowl at 20% discount

Joyous Serving Set and Mini Pour

Square Round Gift Set

Special Smart Heart Offer Wellness Pack (LactoFiber and Pomegranate Spectrum) at 25% discount

Buy retail RM400 and you are entitled for Box 'O Wonders worth RM250 for RM68 nett!

Contact us now for lower price! ;-) 

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