Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tupperware Catalogue: Campaign 8/2011 (14 November 2011 - 31 December 2011)

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Special edition Prism Bowl (4) at 20% discount!
Limited Edition One Touch (OT) for Christmas at 20% discount too!

Snowflakes Cubes Gift Set also at 20% discount! suitable for gifts.

The Limited Edition Party Keeper (4) come with Free Gifts + Exclusive Purchase!

Buy 2 sets of Eco Bottle Spring (4) and get free 1 special edition eco bottle + Exclusive Purchase!

Tupperchef Wok is at 15% discount + Free gift worth RM39.80

Reasons why u should get the Nano Nature Water Filter today:
1. Free 1 set of Square-A-Way (4) worth RM47.20
2. Free 1 set of Sunrise Sunset Eco Bottle worth RM49.80
3. Rebate RM200 for trade-in of any water filter 
Hurry! This promotion ends 31 Dec 2011!

Value Pack at 15% discount!

Life is organized with Freeze n Chill Set
Life is eco-friendly with Eco Living Set

Life is simpler with Fast n Easy Cooking Set
Life is healthier with Daily Nutrition Set

Get this lovely set with minimum purchase of RM480, RM680 or RM880!

Get this Personalised Tumbler for RM8.90 with every puchase of RM280!

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